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Vacon NXL

The Vacon NXL is a powerful, multipurpose AC drive for industrial and residential purposes in the power range from 0.75 to 30 kW.

The space-saving bookshelf design with high protection classes, versatile control and programming capabilities offer an optimal solution for all operating environments. Installation, connection and commissioning procedures are extremely quick and convenient with instructions attached to the unit.

Thanks to an extremely effective design, everything is included as standard. The units can be installed on the wall without additional cabinets because of high protection classes. The RFI filters and brake choppers are always integrated. The standard units fit almost everywhere in both industrial and residential areas. The integrated AC choke is the most effective way to protect the drive against the overvoltage spikes and to reduce the stress on supply transformers, cables and fuses.

More features, more performance

  • No additional cabinets required
  • Everything integrated as standard (dust/water protection, RFI filter, AC choke, brake chopper)
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Low noise (both drive and motor)
  • Large amount of control possibilities (via I/Os, field buses or display panel)
  • Large amount of features (e.g. fully programmable I/O, autoidentification, PID controller, flying start)
  • High performance

Convenient installation and programming

The installation and programming is extremely quick and convenient with the help of the credit-card-size Quick Guide. The programming is often just a selection of load type and fine-tuning of the motor nominal current and speed.

Design & dimensions

The mechanical design is extremely compact. The IP54 units in particular are the smallest AC drives on the market. All units are suitable for both wall and enclosure mounting with all necessary components:

  • integrated EMC filters,
  • AC chokes,
  • cable protection,
  • dust and water protection.

The effective super-cooling principle allows high ambient temperatures and high switching frequencies without derating.

Vacon NXL control unit

The standard I/O of the Vacon NXL has been optimized for typical control requirements. All inputs and outputs of the standard I/O and option boards are freely programmable. Both Analog Inputs can be programmed for 0...10 V or 0(4)...20 mA signals. Analog Input can also be programmed as Digital Input.

The standard I/O can easily and cost-effectively be extended with OPT-AA or OPT-AI boards, if necessary. The OPT-AA is the most effective way to add one more Relay Output, and the OPTAI is normally used when galvanically isolated motor thermistor connection is needed.

It is also possible to control the Vacon NXL with various kinds of fieldbuses with OPT-C-type boards. The I/O extension and fieldbus boards are the same for all Vacon NX products. In addition to digital and analog inputs and outputs, RS485 is included as standard.

There are a large number of OPT-B-type option boards available. It is possible, for instance, to add three more output relays with OPT-B5, if necessary.

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