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Enclosed Vacon NXC

The enclosed Vacon NXC variable speed AC drive is compact and well tested, fully utilizing the flexibility of the Vacon NXP AC drive in the power range from 110 to 3,250 kW.

The Vacon NXC is designed to meet the most demanding requirements on flexibility, robustness, compactness and service-friendliness. It is a safe choice for any application.

Proven technology

All Vacon NXC drives are designed with more than 20 years of experience in enclosure design. It is a well tested and proven solution. The good thermal handling of the enclosure guarantees a long lifetime for the frequency converter and trouble-free operation also in most demanding environments. Approved EMC solutions ensure reliable operation of the converter without disturbing other electrical equipment.


In the Vacon NXC, the control unit is mounted in a separate compartment at an easily accessible height together with all control options. Ample space around the power terminals allows easy installation and connection of power cables. Bottom plates and earthing clamps for 360-degree earthing of motor cable shields are provided as standard.


The Vacon NXC enclosures are designed to fully utilize the new and innovative installation features of the high-power Vacon NXP frequency converters. The Vacon NXP power units are mounted on rails which are extendable with a pull-out jig. The jig can be used for pulling the power unit out of the enclosure for service.

Easy ordering

The Vacon NXC incorporates the frequency converter and optional items such as mains switch, contactor, control options as well as output filtering in one compact unit which is easy to install and service.

Ordering is made easy by integrating the Vacon NXC enclosure options into the typecode to which they are appended with “+” codes.

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